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Hi, i'm Zaman!

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I started Kicks For Gents back in 2017 to fix a problem I was having.

The Problem

You see, after years of wearing sneakers, I found myself in an office wearing hard leather shoes, loafers, and boots. If you haven't tried it already, putting insoles into leather shoes just doesn't work. They won't fit. The real estate inside of a leather shoe is more valuable than in Manhattan or Los Angeles. Unfortunately, orthopedic shoes that allow for larger insoles can be very expensive, disposable, and look a little funny. 

In the pursuit to find a pair of comfortable leather shoes, I was not willing to give up style for comfort. The more I searched, the more money I spent on what were either shoes that were comfortable but frumpy or gorgeous but hard. Traditional store-bought insoles were too big for almost all of the shoes and they just don't fit in leather shoes.

The Solution

In developing Kicks For Gents® I leveraged the insights and experience of an amazing team of Pedorthists, Orthotists, and Prosthetists, including Bio-Medical and Manufacturing Engineers in developing our GoTooz insoles. 

The result is a collection of insoles that can be as comfortable as their much thicker store-bought counterparts, but with a range of sized to fit almost any shoe.


Our Mission

You Deserve To Be Comfortable!

Happy Feet Make For Happy People. Happy people... Can Defy Gravity! Gotooz® Insoles were made by leveraging the insights and experiences of Pedorthists, Orthotists, Bio-Medical and Manufacturing Engineers.

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Thickness? Image of side profile of 1/4" GoTooz insole


Breakdown of sizes

When selecting an insole thickness you should first remove the existing insole in the shoes you want to upgrade.   Measure the old insole thickness, you can order the same thickness or a slightly thicker insole if your shoes have broken in and feel loose.

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Pure Silver AG 2.0 Infused Fibers

Pure Silver AG 2.0 ™ Infused Fibers Permanent Odor Protection Pure Silver Kills 99% of bacteria within one hour of exposure! Protects against hot spots & blisters Wicks Moisture to regulate temperature year-round  Kills Bacteria on contact and reduces odor: Our feet and shoes harbor millions of organisms and bacteria which can be harmful to us. On average, our feet sweat a cup of moisture per day.  The heat and moisture that build up in our shoes create a breeding ground for these bacteria and fungi to grow. This is why people experience such maladies as Athlete’s Foot (tinea pedis). The anti-microbial performance of silver has been proven to have the following distinct advantages:

Pure Silver AG 2.0 Overview

  • Permanent Odor Protection
  • Pure Silver Kills 99% of bacteria within one hour of exposure!
  • Protects against hot spots & blisters
  • Wicks Moisture to regulate temperature year-round
Kills Bacteria on contact and reduces odor: Our feet and shoes harbor millions of organisms and bacteria which can be harmful to us. On average, our feet sweat a cup of moisture per day. 

The heat and moisture that build up in our shoes create a breeding ground for these bacteria and fungi to grow. This is why people experience such maladies as Athlete’s Foot (tinea pedis). The anti-microbial performance of silver has been proven to have the following distinct advantages:

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What is FoamFuzion

As you walk, your feet shift within your shoes, FoamFuzion conforms to your foot with every step, yet rebounds almost instantaneously so it's ready for the next step! FoamFuzion™ is a type of memory foam technology that provide unmatched comfort and support for your feet. Our high-quality memory foam conforms to the shape of your foot, providing a custom fit that helps to reduce pain and discomfort.

Whether you're standing all day at work, hitting the gym, or going for a long walk, FoamFuzion insoles will help to keep your feet happy and healthy. With a range of FoamFuzion sizes and styles to choose from, we have the perfect insole for every foot. Experience the amazing comfort and support of FoamFuzion today! 

FoamFuzion Overview

  • Conforms to the shape of your foot relieving pressure points
  • Instant rebound technology shifts with the foot as you walk
  • Breathable foam helps to wick away moisture
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Helps to keep your feet happy and healthy
  • Perfect for people who stand all day at work, hit the gym or go for long walks
  • Experience the comfort and support of FoamFuzion™ today.

Even just 1/16" of the Bounceblu™ Cushioning will be an improvement that you can feel over conventional foams.

What is BounceBlu

BounceBlu™  is a thin, bouncy, medical grade urethane insole foam that’s absorbs impact so you don't have to, resists bottoming out, and feels ultra-comfortable for your feet without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

This layer provides that walking on clouds feeling. 

Unlike other insoles that can bottom out or lose their shape over time, BounceBlu™ will retain its shape and bounce back with each step. This layer absorbs impact and reduces stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and lower back, making it perfect for those who stand for long periods of time. 

Our high-quality foam is designed to feel like a yoga mat, with a soft and cushioning surface that supports your every step.  BounceBlu™ Urethane Foam Blend offers the equivalent shock protection of a much thicker insole.

The thin design of BounceBlu™ allows it to fit easily into any shoe, providing a discreet and comfortable option for those who need extra support and cushioning. Try BlueBounce today and experience the unbeatable comfort and support of our unique insole foam.

BounceBlu™ has been shown to have the highest resistance to vibrations caused by impacts on the skeletal system during activities such as walking, running, or jumping.

BounceBlu™ ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Whether you're practicing yoga, going for a run, or just standing on your feet all day, BluFoam insoles will provide the support and comfort you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. Try BluFoam today and experience the benefits of a bouncy, supportive, and ultra-comfortable insole.

BounceBlu™ Overview

  • Thin, bouncy urethane foam insole
  • Ultra-comfortable cushioning without added bulk or weight
  • Retains shape and bounces back with each step
  • Absorbs impact and reduces stress on feet, ankles, knees, and lower back
  • Equivalent shock protection to a thicker insole
  • Soft and cushioning surface feels like a yoga mat
  • Fits easily into any shoe for discreet and comfortable support
  • Durable and long-lasting performance

Change your slim insoles every year for the best shock protection.

Did you know that regular shoe insoles should be changed every 3-6 months! Our insoles will outlast the competition and can withstand longer intervals of wear while providing comparably better impact protection.


Natural Bamboo Footbed

Natural Bamboo: Breathable Anti-Fungal Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Odor Neutralizing Moisture ResistantShoe insole triple density insole on white background
Some of our earlier shoes included insoles that featured a natural Bamboo Sock liner.
These were primarily used the Kicks For Gents Spring Grove Moccasins.

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